The Friends of Reading Abbey



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We aim to aid the preservation of the Ruins of the Abbey  for the enjoy-

ment of all, and to spread knowledge and public awareness of its history.

Meetings are held twice yearly in Reading, on Friday evenings or Saturday

afternoons, when lectures are given by specialists on the life of the Abbey

and related topics.

Members receive three Newsletters per year.  Other occasional events take place.

The web-site may be seen at


          If you would like to join the Friends or renew your membership, please
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The Treasurer,   Prof. Francoise Le Saux,

25 The Crescent, Reading, Berkshire,  RG6 7NW.




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  Membership Subscriptions are currently :

  Family  £10        Single  £7         Society/Commercial  £15         Life  £105


  (Cheques payable to “Friends of Reading Abbey”)