Friends of Reading Abbey

 Membership application/membership renewal (by Electronic Transfer)

We aim to aid the preservation of the Ruins of the Abbey for the enjoy-
ment of all, and to spread knowledge and public awareness of its history.
Meetings are held twice yearly in Reading, on Friday evenings or Saturday
afternoons, when lectures are given by specialists on the life of the Abbey
and related topics.
Members receive three newsletters per year. Other occasional events take place.
The web-site may be seen at

There are four categories of membership. These are:-
Family: £10   Single: £7   Society/Commercial: £15   Life: £105

To join the Friends/renew your membership by electronic transfer, please follow these steps:

1. Create an email to the Treasurer, and copy the following headings into it:-

Initials and surname:
Membership category required and cost:

2. Fill in your details in the email under the headings.

3. In your covering message, say whether you are i) joining or ii) renewing your membership.

4. Send the email

5. Arrange an electronic transfer to the Friends' bank account of the amount of your chosen
membership category. The Friends' bank account details are as follows:-

Sort Code: 77-49-04
Account No.: 60275168.
Title of account: Friends of Reading Abbey
Bank: Lloyds Bank

When your electronic transfer has been received, the Treasurer will email you to confirm your membership.

If you have any queries, please email the Treasurer using the above email link, or phone
Tel. 07858 251455