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                                the    GARDENS


Stretching down the slope of the ground to the River Kennet south of the infirmary were the east gardens of the Abbey. There is no archaeological evidence for the use of the land here but we may assume that the monks had a physic garden where they grew plants that were known for their medicinal properties. These plants were then used for sick monks in the infirmary. You can see monastery herb gardens recreated at Norton Priory Museum and Gardens,, and at Bede's World, .

Brother Cadfael in the books by Ellis Peters and television series was a monk with special knowledge of herbs etc and had one of these gardens in the monastery at Shrewsbury.


On the sloping ground up from the Holy Brook and stables were the west gardens of the monks. The use of this land is conjecture as no archaeological evidence has been found but we may image that they were for the type of produce of present day allotment gardens.

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