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Introductory reading

on  Reading Abbey


The website of the Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland gives and excellent introduction to reading Abbey and its history on

Most books on Reading Abbey are held in the Central Library, Local Studies section,

The Museum of Reading has a bookshop which can be contacted on

The introduction to Kemp, B R 1986, Reading Abbey Cartuleries I, Camden Society fourth series 31, Royal Historical Society, London, has a good summary of the latest information about the abbey. 

The most complete account in one volume is still Hurry J B 1901, Reading Abbey, Elliot Stock. However it is 100 years old and is out of date in a number of ways.

The chapter by Brian Kemp in  Petyt, Malcolm 1993, The Growth of Reading, Alan Sutton is an excellent short account of the abbey and its history.

The book by Cecil Slade, Slade C F 2001, The town of Reading and its Abbey, privately printed, is up to date and full of human incidents in its account of the abbey and the town of Reading from earliest times to the present.

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