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                           the Plumbing sheds

The sheds where the work on the lead for the abbey buildings was carried out were by the north wall. The Abbey church was covered by a lead roof and its extensive gutters and drainage pipes were lead as well. Other buildings of the Abbey had titled roofs but here lead was used for the guttering. Working lead needs fires and so the plumbing sheds were removed for safety from the other work sheds in the northwest corner. 

The north wall of the Abbey continued to stand after the Abbey itself was largely pulled down. It continued to be called the Plummery Wall from its connection with plumbing. The road inside it was widened  ten years ago to make another carriageway on the north side of the wall. But the wall itself lies safely below the present road with its course indicated by a reproduction wall down the central reservation. 

Copyright Reading Museum Service from "Reading Abbey", published by Reading Museum & Art Gallery 1988.

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