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Some of the walls of the south transept of the Abbey church still stand. The trees here have recently been cut back. In the background can be seen Reading Prison, better known from the time of Oscar Wilde who wrote the poem "The Ballad of Reading Goal" based on his time here. 

The walls of the Abbey were constructed by an outer skin of squared limestone blocks and flint rubble held together by lime mortar between. In most places the limestone blocks have been removed for use in other buildings around Reading. But in the South Transept some of the original limestone can still be seen at the foot of the wall.  Photographs by Leslie Cram.

Between the South Transept and the Chapter House was the Treasury where the money and the legal documents of the Abbey were kept. This was on a second storey level and the remains of the supporting ceiling can still be seen. Photograph by Sylvia Chumbley.

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