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Websites relevant to Reading   Abbey   

The Museum of Reading holds the material from archaeological excavations, the stone sculpture, historic paintings and drawings and early photographs of the Abbey.

Courtauld Institute is compiling details of Romanesque sculpture in its  Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland.  A complete list of buildings with Romanesque sculpture similar to Reading Abbey is given in its website  Details of stones held in Reading Museum and elsewhere are given together with some details about the abbey.

Abbeys and cathedrals which stand complete nowadays which are particularly important  to see with Romanesque architecture are Durham, Gloucester, Hereford, Peterborough, Southwell, Tewksbury. As addresses of websites may change, search for the website for these using a search engine such as  

Oracle shopping center,, has details of excavation. Click on information then history. Many stones reused from the Abbey were found including a carved stone corbel in the shape of  human head. Click here.

For information about courses and study opportunities relating to mediaeval times and monasteries, please click here

Douai Abbey near Woolhampton is a modern Benedictine abbey. The monks there continue the centuries old monastic life bringing  Reading Abbey into the present and allowing a visit to Reading Abbey in the past. The website is

Reading Libraries in the Local Studies section has most books on the abbey,

Berkshire Record Office holds early documents relating to the town of Reading in its relations with the abbey,

Berkshire Archaeological Society offers lectures, tours, dayschools on all aspects of archaeology in the county. The website is .

The National Trust has ownership of some monastic sites,

English Heritage looks after many Abbey sites, see .


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