UK Cluniac Forum

A UK Cluniac Sites Forum has been set up to encourage studies and interest in the Cluniac movement and in the sites in the UK which were part of it. The Cluniac order originated in the monastic order of St Benedict. The order derives its name from the location of its first monastery, set up in 910 AD, in Cluny in Central France. Over time, associated monasteries and religious houses were established in all parts of Europe, with 50 being set up in Britain.

The UK Cluniac Sites Forum is being coordinated by the Lewes Priory Trust and was established at the 2015 UK Cluniac Group Conference held at Monk Bretton Priory, Barnsley, on 5 November 2015. Letters of support were sought by Lewes Priory Trust from Cluniac foundations in the UK, such as Reading Abbey. The Friends of Reading Abbey sent a letter of support a copy of which can be seen at Cluniac Forum letter.

Links to relevant websites

1. Pages on the Lewes Priory Trust website about

(a) the Cluniac order: Lewes Priory Trust - Cluniac order   and

(b) The European Federation of Cluniac sites: Lewes Priory Trust - FESC

2. This is the website for the European Federation of Cluniac Sites, although it is mostly in French: FESC. The website's map of Cluniac sites is at Carte

3. The Council of Europe has as one of its objectives the establishment of cultural routes "as an illustration of European Unification and Identity". One of the cultural routes is the Cluniac sites in Europe.
The Home page for the Cultural Routes is at Cultural routes of Europe .
The Cluniac sites page is at Cluniac sites in Europe.

4. An encyclopaedia of information about Cluniac sites has been set up at the Clunypedia website, although this is also in French. The links at the foot of the Home page connect to information about six major Cluniac sites.