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The buildings of Reading Abbey



Copyright Reading Museum Service (Reading Borough Council). All rights reserved. 

This is a plan of the Abbey in its later years with the various buildings numbered so that they can be identified in the list below. To read more about each  building click on the word.

  1 Market 
  2 West gate
  3 St Laurence's church 
  4 Almshouses
  5 Guest House reception rooms
  6 Guest House dormitory
  7 Workshops
  8 North gate 
  9 Plumbing sheds 
10 Forbury 
11 Town peoples' graveyard 
12 Abbey church 
13 Monks cemetery 
14 Infirmary
15 East gardens
16 East gate 

17 Bridge over River Kennet 

18 Toilet block 
19 Dormitory 
20 Chapter house 
21 Treasury 
22 Cloister 
23 Refectory 
24 Holy Brook 
25 Wharf 
26 Mill 
27 Kitchen 
28 Abbot's apartments 
29 Inner gateway 
30 West gardens 
31 Bakery 
32 Dovecote 
33 Stables
34 South gate

Copyright Reading Museum Service (Reading Borough Council). All rights reserved. 

The plan above is of the Abbey site today. The ruins and remaining buildings are shown in relation to the present day roads and buildings.

  1 Guest house

  2 St Laurence's church

  3 Inner gateway

  4 Mill arch

  5 South transept


   6 Chapter house

  7 Refectory wall

  8 Dormitory

  9 Toilet block

10 Plummery Wall


An account of maps, surveys and excavations of the remains of Reading Abbey has been prepared by John Mullaney: summary version ; full version

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